RHFAC Professional

We employ a Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification™ RHFAC Professional to deliver accessibility consulting and RHFAC ratings for both existing and proposed facilities.

An RHFAC Professional is an interpreter or liaison between the built environment based on the minimum standard (the provincially recognized building code) and the current accessible standard produced by the CSA Group.


An RHFAC Professional thoroughly understands the needs of a person with any of the ten types of disabilities as defined by Statistics Canada. These 10 types of disabilities include Pain Related, Flexibility, Mobility, Mental Health Related, Seeing, Hearing, Dexterity, Learning, Memory, and Developmental. Persons with disabilities may also have more that one type, but 22% or 1 in 5 of the Canadian population aged 15 and older identifies as having a disability.

There is no greater disability in society than the inability to see a person as more.”
Robert M. Hensel

Proper curb ramps with tactile warning strip indicator identifying vehicle traffic lane for low vision users

Proper curb ramps with tactile warning strip indicator identifying vehicle traffic lane for low vision users.

Other Services We Offer

~ Accessibility consulting for commercial or residential design and renovation projects, parking lots, pathways, events, presentations, concerts and others.

~ 3D Lidar, data processing and modelling for orthographic photography, construction inspection, renovation as-builts, and insurance purposes to establish custom employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

~ When launched, our employment services division will also extend to persons with disabilities that are the most difficult to employ from the disability unemployment sectors in Central Alberta.

~ Develop educational programs to promote inclusion and accessibility in our communities.


Excellent parking example: the sidewalk is level with the vehicular parking area and high contrast Tactile Attention Indicator (TAI) strips for the low vision user divide the sidewalk and traffic areas nearby. Isles between accessible parking stalls provide safe access to/from the sidewalk area. The sidewalk is wide enough for two mobility devices to pass each other.


Accessibility Failure: Nice, accessible ramp, good railing system, great landing area at the top, but not the best place for a very large planter!


Accessibility Failure: A sign at the front of the office directs you to the ramp at the side entrance for you and your wheelchair. This is what you find when you get there – a ramp with steps in it and stairs beside! The railing does not extend beyond the ramp and is not cane detectable


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